"A Classically Trained Entertainer at 17 years old."

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Playing the viola is definitely a passion of mine. At the age of ten while in 5th grade the opportunity to learn how to play a string instrument was introduced. Knowing absolutely nothing about string instruments, the viola was my instrument of choice. I can say with all conviction that I was lead to this instrument. It has become a vehicle that has literally touched the lives of many. My biggest desire is to call attention to the viola, an instrument rarely played apart from a full orchestra.

As a native of San Antonio, Texas I was reared in the public school system. Becoming a part of the orchestra at Stinson Middle School was a natural fit for me. Before entering my freshman year at O'Connor High School, auditioning for placement into the school orchestra was mandatory. I made the cut for varsity as a freshman. What an honor!

I was afforded the opportunities to play in various venues. Traveling with my orchestra group to New York City to specifically play at Carnegie Hall was an awesome experience. It set the bar for me not to become complacent, but to practice harder to perfect my craft. I am my worst critic, so practicing is more than important to me. My private instructor, Mrs. Garcia taught me the mechanics and proper presentation of a polished musician.

Shortly after my sophomore year in high school I began playing at my church. This was the platform where I gained my confidence, because it is always easy to play for those who are strangers. Playing before my church family, people who I see every week was hard for me. I was placed with advanced musicians who made me comfortable and aided in the mentoring process needed to be a good musician.

Somewhere along the way I decided to post music covers on YouTube. The posted cover of the popular song, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, has created an admired and loyal following. I really appreciate all of the comments from each and every person who have viewed my work. At only seventeen, I have found not only my gift but passion for music. I've realize that I have been gifted with an ear for music. God has given me the gift along with people and experiences needed to bring me to purpose. Now what I do with it is my gift to God.

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Jeremy Green



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